Years of operation


Active members

Who are we ?

The Campbellton Regional Chamber of Commerce was founded in the early 1900`s. The main reason behind this local group of business people creation was to join their efforts together to meet common goals or mutual benefits through a program of action such as economic development, tourism promotion, lobbying government or event management. Over the years, numerous changes took place including a name change to Campbellton Regional Chamber of Commerce in 1991 to better represent the regional business community.

The Chamber, who represents over 200 business members, is the regional advocate on issues critical to the economic vitality and quality of business life within our region.

Governed by a 15-volunteers Board of Directors who shares a passion for conducting business in the Restigouche Center/East county, the CRCC is the regional “Voice of Business” as it provides countless opportunities to network, generate new business contacts, gain professional development and enjoy money-saving group programs.

The Campbellton Regional Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that continually strives to meet and exceed the needs of their members and dedicated to grow and develop our region with our vision “Together for a long lasting regional economy”.

We are a vehicle for business people from small, medium to large businesses to connect and prosper together.

What do we do?

We create value and prosperity for our members by providing the services they need and advocating for conditions to enhance their prosperity. It’s a job we’ve been proud to do for over 125 years.

The Campbellton Regional Chamber and its members have built a strong, solid business community network for our region economic development. As the Chamber’s membership continues to grow, we are proud to offer Chamber members a strong program of events and we offer members numerous opportunities to meet and create connections on a monthly basis.

Did you know?

  • We are a non-partisan, not-for-profit, membership-based organization.
  • We are not a government agency. However, we do work closely with all levels of government to advocate for our members.
  • We do not receive funding from government. We are funded through revenue generated by membership, events, sponsorship, advertising, and other ancillary services.
  • We were founded by business, for business, to help make our region the best place to live and work.