Marilyn Saucier Executive Director

Dear partners, dear members,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I have accepted the position of Executive Director of the Campbellton Regional Chamber of Commerce. I believe sincerely in the need for the Chamber as well as its role among our business community.

This role is all too familiar for me. I occupied the position of Executive Director for 5 years prior to exploring further career opportunities.

After being away from my community for a few years, I quickly realized that my heart was still in Restigouche.

I am thrilled to be back along with gained knowledge and professional development in order to contribute to the growth of our region.

Our mission at the Chamber is to inspire growth with a focus on promoting the success of our members and the well-being of the business community as a whole. The fact that we are independent makes us THE voice of the business community.

First and foremost, however, the Campbellton Regional Chamber of Commerce is each of you. It is you who create a vibrant business community, who are constantly innovating to find new approaches and who are helping our region to thrive.

It is also you who motivate us to keep evolving and remaining proactive when it comes to offering what you expect from your Chamber.

Your individual realities and requirements are at times very different from one another. For this reason, we strive for diversity in our services, activities and themes. That said, you have much in common as well, including the need to grow, stay informed, get support and be connected. The Chamber is consequently here for each of you individually but also for all of you as a community.


Marilyn Saucier
Executive Director, Campbellton Regional Chamber of Commerce