Lien d’avenir est une nouvelle initiative offerte par votre Chambre de commerce en partenariat avec Avenir NB, des associations qui appuient le monde des affaires et les quatre universités publiques de la province.

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Témoignages Lien d’avenir

« Great partnership program between Future Link and the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. Kirsten and Will were very professional interns, quick to understand our situation and market needs. They compiled very specific and targeted ideas to help us move things forward. Even presented some new creative ideas as well. Recognizing a short window of opportunity for this kind of program, but we can strongly recommend and support it. »

« The Chamber of Commerce Future Link Program assisted Rocmaura Foundation by envisioning a complete overhaul of our website and social media strategy. Working with the business support interns Kyle and Edwin from the Growth & Strategic Partnerships team at the Edge was amazing. They helped formulate a step-by-step plan, within our budget and manpower restrictions, that will improve our online presence. They took the anxiety level down by 100 % and offered an affordable and doable solution. I really enjoyed working with these students who have such expertise and up to date knowledge of the necessary tools to be successful in today’s business world. They did all the research and legwork to come up with a viable solution for our non-profit charity. We very much appreciate the Chamber’s help. »

« I met with Justin and Brenden this morning to go over their proposed Inventory and E-Commerce Strategy plan which they had been working on since we met back in early May. I was pleased with our initial meeting because I sensed that Justin and Brenden took the time to listen to better understand our business and situation. Their understanding of our issues was apparent in their final documentation and our conversation during the review. Their presentation not only contained relevant system and procedural options to improve efficiency, but also included suggestions of suppliers that I may want to consider and prices on some of the programs available. Overall, I am very satisfied with the experience and the final product. Now I’m looking forward to digging in deeper and putting their recommendations to the test. »

« The students were very responsive and engaged, professional and meet agreed appointments and product delivery. A large project like ours might have benefited from later follow up or more time to research and understand. It helped us and I hope it helped them build some skills and apply learnings. »

« Both Kyle Benson & Edwin Earle, where wonderful to deal with, very professional, knowledgeable, and did an amazing job helping with our project. We would strongly recommend this program for any business. Thank you again for selecting us to take part. »

« We are very happy with the level of organisation and preparedness that these young people exhibited. The end result was report and plan for our exact needs that was easy to understand and implement. »

« Gregory et Annie-Claude étaient vraiment serviable et professionnel. Merci !! »

« I was deeply impressed with the professionalism and the quality of the Future link team « students », the work they prepared for our Company was on point and well presented. The Marketing Plan that was presented will be executed in stages. We were all very Impressed! »

Ressources Financières d’Entreprise

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Lien d’avenir– Lien d’avenir est une nouvelle initiative offerte par votre Chambre de commerce en partenariat avec Avenir NB, des associations qui appuient le monde des affaires et les quatre universités publiques de la province.

Ressources Médicales

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Ressources Covid

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